Invitation to participate in financially compensated engagement workshops informing Primary Care transformation in London – deadline Wednesday 14 February

Working in partnership, the five London ICBs and the London Region have begun an extended programme of public and professional deliberative engagement to inform the future of primary care transformation in London, supported by Imperial College Health Partners (ICHP) and Ipsos. 

This is a complex agenda, with multiple interests and issues that need to be considered as part of any pathway redesign. Working in partnership with Integrated Care Systems (ICSs), the health and care workforce and London citizens, this process is an opportunity to understand expectations around primary care and views on the diverse trade-offs at play to shape how care is designed and delivered in the future.  

We would like to invite you to participate in a series of virtual engagement workshops to share your views and insights. These workshops will explore:

  • New models of care and associated enablers – and what issues related to these you would find helpful to explore with the public.
  • Any constraints and trade-offs that the public need to be aware of in implementing the proposed changes.
  • The opportunities and downsides of reducing variation across London.

These workshops are an opportunity to share your views and have a say in how primary care services are delivered across London – and will inform a set of workshops with patients and the public in early Summer.

The process aims to enable Londoners to become partners in shaping the future NHS and provide health system leaders the opportunity to understand carefully considered staff and public views at a London level, which can then be used to help shape local implementation and engagement plans. 

Time commitment and preparation

Participation involves a commitment of two 2-hour dialogue workshops (4 hours in total) in March. The two workshops will be held virtually and take place on:

  • Wednesday 6 March from 1830-2030
  • Thursday 14 March from 1830-2030.

The time spent in the workshops must be outside of paid work hours and to be eligible you must be able to make both dates. There is nothing you will need to prepare before the workshops; workshop facilitators will present you with an overview of all relevant information and guide the discussion.


Staff members who take part will receive a £80.00 thank you payment for taking part in each workshop (£160.00 in total for the two workshops).

To register interest in participating

Please complete our short Microsoft Forms as soon as possible, or contact [email protected]  to express your interest and availability to participate to the ICHP/Ipsos team organising the workshops. You must be able to attend both workshops above to be considered.

A member of the ICHP/Ipsos team will acknowledge receipt of your expression of interest and come back to you shortly after the deadline to confirm whether they are able to offer you a slot in the workshops. We endeavour to achieve a diverse group across a range of roles, services, ICSs, and providers.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to [email protected].

We are very much looking forward to the opportunity to engage with many of you so that your views can shape the local development of this important emerging national topic.