NHSE London Workforce Planning and Transformation training offers

We are pleased to announce NHSE London Workforce Planning and Transformation training offers for all NHS staff. We have a selection of exciting training opportunities on offer for you to access free of charge to support you with workforce planning and transformation. Please find here the flyers for NHSE Workforce Training Offers and the NHSE Workforce Intelligence Portal which provide further details of the training offers and how to apply, this is also covered below;

Workforce Planning Training offers:

Workforce Intelligence Portal
The Workforce Intelligence Portal Intelligence is a platform developed by NHSE’s workforce planning and intelligence function. It provides access to analytics and modelling products with intelligence able to be viewed at national, regional ICS and Trust level.
Through Workforce Intelligence Portal, users can access carefully curated selection of products related to the NHS workforce, including:

  • Secondary Care (ESR Workforce profile)
  • Primary Care
  • Social Care
  • Turnover/ Retention
  • Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI)
  • Population & Demographics
  • Supply
  • Modelling tools e.g. Salary Costing Tool, Generic Modelling Tool

Workforce Intellegence Portal Access Request Form

The Portal provides:

  • Access to latest analytics and modelling products
  • Insights to inform workforce planning
  • Consistent methodologies and mappings
  • Links to regional products and portals
  • Demo video of how to use the portal
  • User guides and FAQ

The Workforce Intelligence Portal Training session is a 1-hour session providing a demo of our eProduct portal which provides access to analytics and modelling products along with a half an hour Q&A. The training session will demonstrate how to navigate the portal, how to use the in-dashboard controls and how beneficial they can be when using the portal.
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The Demystifying Webinar is a short 1-hour 15-minute workshop providing an overview of Workforce Planning through different methodologies and techniques. The workshop will also cover a demo of the portal and is open to all with no pre-work required.
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The Fundamentals Workshop is an interactive half-day session for up to 20 participants that offers a guide to the workforce planning 6 step methodology. They are run quarterly along with bespoke sessions which are arranged upon request.
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The Masterclass The 18-week practical Masterclass course provides a guide to sustainable and evidence-based workforce planning where participants will be guided in the use of tried and tested improvement tools and techniques.
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Alongside the above, we are pleased to announce the launch of Workforce Planning & Transformation Resource Hub. This hub provides access to details of the different training offers available mentioned above, training materials, case studies, videos and tools. It will continue to be developed and further tools will be added to the site to support you with your workforce planning needs. Please follow the link above and request access to the site.

If you have any further questions or wish to discuss any details with us, please contact [email protected] and they would be more than happy to help.