Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Training & Support

EDI Training Schedule for Primary Care

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Looking after you: free confidential coaching and support for the primary care workforce

Primary care teams continue to work tirelessly in their communities to provide high quality care and support for their patients. Currently on offer are three separate coaching streams that may be of interest:

Looking after you too – coaching about you and your wellbeing

This coaching focuses on you and your wellbeing, and you can talk about things like:

  • the pressures and challenges you are facing.
  • how you are thinking and feeling.
  • coping with the demands of your role.

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Looking after your team – coaching about you and your team

If you lead, manage, or organise a team or group in primary care you can access this offer to talk about things like:

  • how your team is working together.
  • developing ways to improve team relationships.
  • developing a more compassionate and collaborative culture.

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Looking after your career – coaching about you and your career

Independent coaching support for you and your career. If you are thinking about your career and what you want from your current role, or if you are thinking about exploring new opportunities and making some changes, the coaching is designed to support you to take more control over your career direction and proactively advance it.

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Core Managers Program

NHS England – London has launched the first course of the Core Managers programme. The online training will help you to develop the leadership skills needed to improve diversity and equality in health and care. From gaining an understanding of core equality and diversity policies to putting theory into practice, you’ll learn the impact that racism, privilege, intersectionality and allyship have in the workplace. Click here to learn more and register for future courses.