About Us

North West London Training Hub is the ‘go to’ place for any information about primary care workforce, education and development. We aim to attract, develop, support and retain our health and social care professionals working across North West London.

What we do

  • Workforce planning and training needs analysis to best meet the needs of the patient populations and practices across the ICS
  • Development and delivery of educational programmes to develop the primary care workforce at scale
  • Supporting new primary care roles – help embed new staff into roles through the Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme (ARRS)
  • Opportunities for continuing professional development (CPD) for staff in primary care.
  • Career support at all stages. Including retention programmes and portfolio options.
  • Recruitment and training of educators
  • Develop and retain staff through various programmes including mentoring and preceptorships
  • Support practices and PCNs to become learning environments to support more trainee and student placements

Who we are

Caroline Durack

Management Lead

Sally Armstrong

Clinical Lead Nursing and Associated Roles

Edmund Jahn

Contract Holder

Ritu Prasad

Clinical Lead GPs and Associated Roles

Katarina Durisova

Project Support

Hannah Sampson

Business Manager

Philip McHugh


Nick Gordon


Karen Sood

GPN Programme Lead

Jonathan Ord

ARRS Programme Lead

Karen Biberovic

Multi-faculty environments and Apprenticeships lead

Hanin Khaddour

SPIN Fellowship Project lead

Mandekh Hussein

Communities of Practice – Deepend

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