Nursing and Healthcare Support Worker Programmes

Pre-Registration Opportunities

GPA – new role – hybrid clinical and administrative role – Accredited London wide training programme. Also developing NWL own training programme
HCSW Career Development –  Enthusiastic uptake for staff new to HCSW role  – have run 3 cohorts this year – one more just started
HCSW Career Development – L4 course – Pathway to Nursing Associate opportunity – academic skills and access to Functional skills
Nursing Associate Apprenticeship Training
Registered Nurse Degree Apprenticeship

Pre Registration Nurses

Part of our long term plan is to encourage growth in Primary Care, through welcoming Pre Registration nurses to experience how we work and the opportunities offered for training and development. We will endeavour to find Pre Reg nursing placements in a Primary Care setting, so students can gain valuable insight and experience. We can work directly with HEIs, to ensure we have the right learning environment for their students. We are always very happy to offer guidance and support, for Pre Reg nurses wishing to explore a Primary Care career pathway. You are welcome to contact us, if you have any questions Contact Us

Discovering a career in General Practice course (12 weeks fully funded) – open to Pre Registration Nurses, Nurse Associates and Qualified Nurses

NHS England WTE Directorate (Formerly HEE) is aiming to make careers in General Practice Nursing more accessible, with the recent launch of some new training. Nurses (Pre Registration & qualified) and Nurse Associates looking to start/develop a role in General Practice can take the first step with a three month module which aims to equip you for a potential application, interview and career. The course would potentially suit a Pre Registration nurse looking to start a new career, a Nurse Associate building their career or maybe a nurse looking to transition into Primary Care for the first time. This has been developed following feedback on why some applicants were failing to get through the recruitment process for General Practice Nursing. Completing the course would certainly give insight into a Primary Care career and potentially give the edge during an interview process. This is an online course over 12 weeks and has no practical element, so is not a substitute for any of the GPN Trainee or Nurse Associate courses. The aim is for people to gain a better understanding and awareness of Primary Care, and will cover skills and knowledge such as learning how a role fits within the Multi Disciplinary Team, developing one to one communications skills and understanding how to operate in a Primary Care environment. The course is fully funded by NHSE and is an important part of ongoing work, to build a sustainable nursing workforce for Primary Care. Please find more information and application details in the link below:

CNO002 Discovering a Nursing Career in General Practice | Health Education England (

Nursing Associate Apprenticeship Training

Post Registration Opportunities

General Practice Nurse (GPN) Trainees – GPN Trainee Academic and Foundation Programmes

Nurses who are either just qualified and want to work in Primary Care, nurses new to Primary Care or wishing to transition into Primary Care from another nursing area, can be supported to do so either via the GPN Academic Programme, or via the Foundation Programme. We usually recruit for these programmes twice a year via NHS jobs, please contact us for more detail. Contact Us


Following stakeholder engagement in 2018, Health Education England (now NHSE WTE Directorate) introduced a pan-London approach to GPN recruitment. The overarching aim was to ensure that any nurse looking to train as a GPN in any part of London, will be offered broadly the same training options with the same training grant.

It is recognised that each area of practice will have its own training and education needs and preferences. However, in order to support the delivery of a pan London approach to training, there are two categories of funded training programmes for those new to general practice nursing: Foundation programme and Academic programme. You do need a supporting Practice, to be able to do either programme – we can advise on how this works for you. The Foundation and Academic programmes offer a choice between short, skills-based training and a longer, academically focussed programme. NWL recommend the Academic Programme where possible but we can help to support both.

GPN SPIN Fellowships

The fellowship programme aims to support newly qualified GPs and Nurses, as well as provide them with opportunities to connect in their local areas through portfolio working, learning and development post-registration, and taking up substantive roles. This will enable them to understand the context they are working in, become embedded in their communities and the NHS. Please follow this link to the dedicated page for Nurse SPIN Fellowship opportunities. Nurse SPIN Fellowship

CPD – Nurses and AHPs  Liaise with Local Training Hubs and encourage uptake of learning, growth and development opportunities.
SSSA – To increase numbers of Nurse Supervisors to support Nursing and ARRS roles.

Career Progression / Retention Opportunities for Experienced GPNs

Non Medical Prescribing & AA – Support NWL Nurses to extend role and improve patient access to care.  For nurses wishing to specialise.
Advanced Practitioner Training – 3 years Masters with preceptorship support programme. For Advanced Generalists
Legacy Nurse Role – recruited 11 experienced nurses across NWL. To support nurses wanting to upskill
GPN Education Leads – Further recruitment and strategic development of this valuable role.  Working towards a Multi Professional approach for those wanting to coordinate Education and Training