Training Etiquette

Before you book any training or events that North West London Training Hub are hosting we ask you read the following training etiquette information. This is in place for you and others attending training to get the most from the training session(s).

  • Bookings are for individuals only and should be made by the person attending the training not their line manager, practice manager or similar. All training communications will be sent to the email address on the account used to book the training so it is important for this to be the attendees account.
  • If you have not registered or booked for the training you will not receive a certificate even if you attend the training.
  • Training advertised on this website is for North West London Primary Care staff unless otherwise specified, we reserve the right to cancel bookings from outside of this group of staff.
  • Training is only available for those who have booked or registered. Please Do Not share training links or similar event information with others.
  • If in person training – Please check your route to the location when booking and arrive 15 minutes prior to the session for a prompt start.
  • If online training – Please log in 10 minutes prior to session for a prompt start. This also allows you time to check your camera and sound are working. Ensure you have access to a Web Cam and Mic as this is an interactive ‘Camera’s On’ Training – You are required to turn your camera on so ensure you are in a quiet space where there are minimal distractions so you can focus on the training.
  • If you are more than 15 minutes late for training you may not be allowed to join the session, this will be at the trainers discretion.
  • If you do not attend the training in full you will be marked as not attending and your practice/employer may be charged for this per our DNA Policy. Our DNA policy also covers last minute cancellations so if your availability changes and you’re no longer able to attend please notify the organiser or cancel via the my bookings page as soon as you can to avoid your practice/employer being charged for your cancellation.
  • Please keep questions and comments relevant and appropriate to the training.

To be reviewed January 2025