Enhanced Services – Paediatric Phlebotomy


9:00 am - 2:00 pm


Cuckoo Lane Health Care Practice
Cuckoo Lane Health Care Practice, First Floor, 20 Church Road, Hanwell, London, W7 1DR, Hanwell, W7 1DR
Criteria for attending the training:
·        Must have completed and been doing adult phlebotomy for 2 years
·        Working on behalf of the PCN
·        Must have a clinical supervisor
This training is for Nurses, HCAs & Phlebotomists. HCAs & Phlebotomists need to have a Care Certificate.
To provide the underpinning knowledge and basic skills to safely perform phlebotomy on babies and children from 2 years. Identify the underlying issues in paediatric Phlebotomy. e.g. consent, restraint, distraction and environment
• Identify correct equipment to suit patient and technique
• Demonstrate basic techniques for obtaining blood samples
• Discuss appropriate use of topical analgesia
Training with Cuckoo Lane Health Care (CLHC) in association with National Association of Phlebotomy. This would mean using tacit knowledge of Ealing combined with supported education and training sign off with a Nurse Led practice.

You need to have been doing adult phlebotomy for at least 2 years to be able to attend.

You will be able to book your assessment time slot when you attend the training on 11th September-  Assessment is scheduled for the 09/10. You must attend both dates!
Training is in three parts:

Part 1: Theory – Full day of theory and simulated practice.

Part 2: Practical sessions – all applicants will need to have someone in their practice who is competent to supervise them taking bloods. This will need to be organised by the practice. Our recommendation is one session observing a phlebotomy clinic and then several sessions where applicant takes bloods with supervisor present, precise number of sessions will depend on the applicant and how quickly they feel confident that they can take blood. All participants have a competency based portfolio to complete in this time with sign off from their nominated supervisor.

Part 3: competency sign off – applicants will need to book a session at CLHC where they will have their competency signed off by the commissioned training provider who will provide assurance that the applicant can take blood. To allow time for applicants to practice taking blood at their own practice. Indemnity for this sign off has been organised.