EOT2D/T2Day: Type 2 Diabetes in the Young’ Webinar


4:00 pm - 5:00 pm


This webinar is more in-depth training on the EOT2D/T2DAY extended review service with Dr Shivani and is not about rolling out the Diabetes Level2 MDTs as initially advertised.

Come and have your questions answered.

The training will be a deep five into the five key components of the Early Onset Type 2 Diabetes(EOT2D)/T2DAY extended reviews. The webinar aims to address any grey areas that may require further discussion or input as well as pathway queries followed by a Q&A session. This webinar will build on the training sessions Shivani ran in October.

Shivani Misra (MBBS, FRCP, PhD) is National Lead for Early Onset T2Diabetes Programme Home – Dr Shivani Misra (imperial.ac.uk)