Partnership Succession Planning


19/06/2024 - 03/07/2024    
12:30 pm - 2:00 pm


Does your partnership have a plan in place to ensure a smooth transition for when partners retire or leave? Are you looking to identify and develop future leaders within your partnership?

Join us for our exclusive workshop series, designed to guide you through improved succession planning.

What You Will Achieve
Organisation Maturity: Assess your practice’s current position on the Qualitas Practice Maturity Model. Identify areas for improvement and understand how your practice’s performance will be viewed by potential new partners.
Partnership Governance: Explore your current approach to governance and learn how to effectively share partnership responsibilities among the new team.
The ‘Healthy’ Partnership Team: Discover strategies to ensure a new partnership team performs cohesively and identify the right fit with potential new partners.
Attracting New Partners: Define what your partnership offers and understand what prospective partners are seeking. Clarify expectations regarding sessions, drawings, clinical/non-clinical responsibilities, and more.
Recruitment and Onboarding: Learn how to recruit and onboard a new partner effectively, from finding potential candidates to managing the recruitment process and onboarding seamlessly.

Workshop Dates

Our workshop series consists of three engaging sessions, each focusing on specific topics crucial for aspiring partners and practices embarking on succession planning. Here are the session dates:

  • Workshop 1: June 19th (Organisation Maturity Self-Assessment) – 12:30pm – 2pm
  • Workshop 2: June 26th (Partnership Governance and Healthy Partnership Team) – 12:30pm – 2pm
  • Workshop 3: July 7th (Attracting New Partners and Recruitment/Onboarding) – 12:30pm – 2pm

The sessions are delivered by Qualitas, experts in primary care, delivering national award-winning development programmes for GP partners and delivery partner for NHS England since 2016 working with thousands of practices, partners and primary care teams. You will hear from GP partners and organisation development and HR experts to help you with effective succession planning.

Secure your spot on the three workshops today.