Lunch Time Session – NWL DPCSP – EMIS Webinar

You can access the recording & session handouts here: NWL DPCSP Webinar

What is the NWL Care Planning 2024/25 (PCSP) template – EMIS users

The NWL Digital Personalised Care and Support Plan (DPCSP) is a simple and effective tool for clinical staff and others working with patients.  Genuinely personalised care planning is at the heart of person centred care for patients, and the tool supports in several practical ways- including by recording individuals’ preferences and goals.

The tool has been co-produced with the support of clinical leads and stakeholders in NWL to achieve a simple and fit for purpose template that captures ‘what matters’ to patients.   The template has been refreshed to include national Professional Record Standard and links back into the Universal Care Plan.