General Practitioner (GP)

General Practitioners (GPs) are doctors who have specialised to work in General Practice and in a primary care setting. They play a crucial role in diagnosing and treating various medical conditions, while also ensuring that patients receive timely referrals to hospitals as and when specialised treatment is required. 

GPs are essential healthcare providers who take on the important task of looking after the well-being of individuals in their local community. GPs treat all common medical conditions and then refer patients to hospitals or other medical services for specialist treatments or urgent needs.

You can find further information on becoming a doctor in the UK on the General Medical Council.

Training and Qualifications

  • The first step is medical school. If you already have a degree, you could study for a four-year postgraduate degree in medicine. 
  • After medical school, you’ll join the paid two-year foundation programme where you’ll work in six placements in different settings.  
  • After your foundation programme, you can apply for paid specialty training to become a GP which will take a minimum of three years. 
  • You may be able to train part time, for example for health reasons or if you have family or caring responsibilities.

Career opportunities and progression

  • GP Supervisor course for GPs who are two years post Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT).
  • Specialise in areas such as sports medicine, adolescent health, diabetes or palliative medicine
  • Get involved in research at universities, the NHS or the private sector
  • Teach medical students or postgraduate doctors in training
  • Become a GP Partner

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Supervisor Course

GP Supervisor Course

You must meet the following criteria in order to commence the GP Supervisor Course. Eligibility and suitability To be eligible to apply, participants will need to provide evidence of: Find out more information about the GP Supervisor course here. Please complete this application form below to be added to the North West London waitlist for…