GP Partner

General Practitioners (GPs) are doctors who have specialised to work in General Practice and in a primary care setting. They play a crucial role in diagnosing and treating various medical conditions, while also ensuring that patients receive timely referrals to hospitals as and when specialised treatment is required.

General Practice (GP) surgeries are small independent businesses.

A GP partner is a self-employed general practitioner who, alongside other GPs, and sometimes also nurses or other healthcare staff, is responsible for running their own practice. Therefore as well as being a healthcare professional, they also are business owners –  meaning they take on additional responsibilities such as managing practice staff and the financial/ administrative tasks of owning a business.

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Have you thought about becoming a GP Partner or want to know more about partnerships?

Visit our new NWL Training Hub page dedicated to GP Partnerships. Watch personalised videos from GP Partners in NWL of their experience, why they became a partner, the opportunities it bought, the challenges and some myth busting as well. You can also express and interest in one of our drop in sessions with a GP…