Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP)

Advanced Practitioner is a level of practice which can be found in a variety of professional backgrounds including nursing, physiotherapy, pharmacy, paramedics and occupational therapy.

Advanced Practitioners are highly experienced healthcare professionals who have been educated to a Masters level or equivalent through apprenticeships and have further developed their skills and knowledge – this enables them to take on an expanded role and scope of practice for patients.

Advanced practitioners have demonstrated their ability to work independently at a high level across clinical practice, leadership, management, education and research.

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Working Life

The role of a ANP differs significantly in comparison to a general nurse – you’ll be working in a more senior position and, therefore, expected to perform more advanced duties. Responsibilities of an Advanced Nurse Practitioner can include: 

  • Diagnosing health conditions 
  • Conducting check-ups 
  • Researching patient conditions
  • Referring patients to specialists 
  • Maintaining records of patient medical history 
  • Prescribing and administering medication 

Training Requirements

The route to becoming an Advanced Nurse Practitioner requires extensive education and training. The steps include: 

  • Becoming a registered nurse: all nurses will join the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) in order to be able to practice nursing in the UK. 
  • Getting experience: once you are fully qualified and registered, you will then be able to work as a nurse within various settings. You may then choose to pursue a specialism and gain the skills and expertise you need for the next steps. 
  • Embarking on a master’s programme: to qualify as a nurse practitioner, you are required to complete a master’s degree. These courses often take 1-2 years to complete and are essential for building up your knowledge. 
  • Getting your license and certification: to receive your license, you must complete your master’s degree, a two-year clinical experience placement and sit a national certification exam. 

Core Capabilities Framework for Advances Clinical Practice Nurses

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