Mentorship Scheme

The mentoring scheme is a funded scheme which will give locally based experienced GPs within North West London the opportunity to upskill and to support more newly qualified GPs.

The aim of this scheme is for highly qualified GPs to develop their mentoring skills and educate newly qualified GPs by being present and creating a space that feels safe and confidential where they are able to discuss their experiences. The mentors should be available to advise or assist the mentees with their professional development. The aim of the relationship is to encourage the mentee to build their self-confidence and make decisions to improve their work experiences to ensure there is a work-life balance.

The experienced GPs will benefit from the funded training. This course would supply them with the abilities to provide accurate mentorship and encouragement to their associates

The Mentors will be assigned Mentees who are newly qualified on the SPIN New to Practice Fellowship. They support the Mentees in 1-2-1 and group sessions.

The Mentorship Scheme is now closed to new applicants. If you are a SPIN Fellow and would like to be mentored, please contact [email protected]

To qualify as a Mentor, you will need the following:

  • Mentors must work in a general practice in North West London for a minimum of 3 clinical sessions per week there.
  • Hold full registration and a licence to practise with the General Medical Council (GMC).
  • Meet the requirements for remaining on the NHS England GP Performers List and report to NHS England any concerns that might affect their status on the National Medical Performers List.
  • Not be subject to interim suspension under section 41A of the Medical Act 1983.
  • The mentor has at least 5 years of general practice experience post CCT.
  • The mentor must have GP educator certification. This includes any training that would enable them to work as a GP trainer or appraiser, as well as any postgraduate medical education certificates. If there are suitable mentors who do not have this but are deemed to be suitable, there is training available to support them to become mentors.
  • Mentors must commit to mentoring for at least 1 year and commit to at least one session a month.
  • Mentors should meet with their mentees regularly (minimum 6 sessions), with the acknowledgement that some mentees may need more sessions and support.
  • Mentors performing peer sessions will meet their group for 1 session a month

If you are interested in becoming a mentor you can either complete the online application form or download the application here and send it along with your CV to [email protected]

What is the role of a GP mentor?

The role of a GP mentor will be to share information about his or her own experiences and career path, as well as provide guidance and support to their allocated mentees. As a mentor, you may be able to help the mentee with exploring careers options, setting goals, developing contacts, and discovering useful resources.

The aim is for experienced GPs working in primary care to support newly qualified GPs through high quality mentoring, this will encourage the retention of the mentees in the local area.

What qualifications will I need to become a mentor?

As a GP mentor, you must have a full registration and a licence to practise with the General Medical Council. You must have a minimum of 5 years’ experience post-CCT to apply for this role. You must also have a GP educator certification; this will include any postgraduate medical education certifications, GP trainer and GP appraiser qualifications.

If you would like to become a mentor and do not have the required qualifications, we are able to offer training (ILM5 mentoring) to support this.

Who will I be mentoring?

You will be mentoring newly qualified GPs who are undertaking fellowships or are adjusting to working as fully qualified clinicians.

The mentoring will be on a one-to-one basis. You will jointly set the agenda for your mentoring sessions with your assigned mentee. These sessions may focus on professional development; therefore, they may approach their mentors with queries relating to working in leadership, clinically work primary, community or secondary care services and supporting medical education or research.

You could also apply to be a facilitator for monthly peer supervision sessions. This would be in small groups; the aim of which is to facilitate co-learning and peer-led support.

How will sessions be structured?

Each session (4 hours) required for individual mentoring will be divided into the following:

  • 1 hour for planning and administering for each GP.
  • 1 hour mentoring each for 2 GPs
  • i.e. 4-hour session will be used to support 2 mentees

Mentors interested in peer supervision would spend their session as follows:

  • 2-3 hours of facilitated peer group time.
  • Any remaining time can be used for preparation and administration.

How will I get paid?

Payment can be through your practice payroll or payment can also be made directly to you.

How long I need to commit for?

Each mentor will need to commit to mentoring for a minimum of one year. If you have received ILM5 training through this scheme, there is an expected commitment of 2 years.

You will need to meet with the assigned mentees regularly, however, there may be some mentees who will require additional support and require more frequent input.

Mentors who perform peer supervision sessions will meet their group once a month.

How often do I meet with my mentee?

A minimum of six sessions is required for mentors to meet with their mentees in a one-year period. However, as stated above, some may need more than 6 sessions, A minimum of six sessions is required for mentors to meet with their mentees and this can be accommodated.

What will the minimum and maximum sessions per month?

Mentors are asked to commit to 1 session a month (2-4 mentees) in the scheme. The maximum number of sessions you can commit to in a month is 2 sessions a month (4-6 mentees).

You can do a mixture of peer-led sessions and one-to-one sessions, i.e. 1 session a month of peer supervision and a second session a month where you might be supporting mentees one-to-one.

Once you have completed the sessions please complete the Mentor Log, this needs to be completed monthly prior to sending your invoice.

For more information, please contact [email protected] and [email protected].