SPIN New to Practice Fellowship FAQs

What is SPIN?

Newly Qualified GPs and Nurses are offered a permanent salaried role which consists of 4-7 sessions working in general practice, and the remaining two sessions being used to undertake a role in an alternative setting.

The fellowship programme aims to support newly qualified GPs and Nurse as well as provide them with opportunities to connect in their local areas through portfolio working, learning and development post-registration, and taking up substantive roles. This will enable them to understand the context they are working in, become embedded in their communities and the NHS.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of joining the SPIN New to Practice fellowship are as follows:
–    An offer of a permanent salaried GP role or employed within any of the listed GP Practices in Central London for 4 – 7 sessions per week. 
–    1-2 Sessions /week in a portfolio role. 
–    Local supervision and training to support you in your role.
–    1 session a month peer mentoring support with an experienced and dedicated GP mentor.

What is the history of SPIN?

The programme launched in December 2019.  It was implemented across England to support all newly qualified GPs and Nurses when they begin their transition to practise within general practice, becoming an embedded part of the primary care workforce. 2019/20 was an establishment year for the programme, it then grew and expanded which allowed for a new semester to launch in August 2020 onwards. 

Who will hold my contracts?    

It is possible that you will hold one or more contracts depending on the post. Contracts will be sorted by your general practice as a salaried employer and the organisation who employs you for your portfolio sessions. It is encouraged for the fellow to have a contract for their portfolio role. It is encouraged that the contract offered follows the BMA model. It is also likely that would you have a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to ensure that the fellows’ roles are understood.

What does the application process consist of?

Applications to the practices are done directly via them. Depending on the fellowship offer you are going for, you may need to apply directly with the host organisation as well. Please review the current offers available to apply for.

What will my salary be?

The GP or GPN will be paid for their clinical sessions at a fair sessional rate arranged by the practice, in line with the BMA contract.

Who is eligible?

Any newly qualified GPs and Nurses (those about to complete their training or who have qualified in the last 12 months and are employed within North West London or happy to relocate there. We will accept applications within 18 months of qualification if there is reason for extended leave (e.g. sickness or maternity).

Can I choose the practice I work in?

You are able to apply for the vacancies within the borough and apply for the practice. They will have their own interview process before taking on any fellows. 

Will I gain any qualifications?

The fellowship does not lead to a formal qualification/award. The fellowship is a developmental opportunity. Population health skills are highly sought after and fellows from a previous population health fellowship have ended up working in leadership positions across the NHS. However, if you undertake the PG Cert for one year, you will earn a certification at completion. 

Are there any career options after the fellowship?

The purpose of the fellowship is to help you develop your career in the direction that is right for you. The programme will give you the opportunity to learn alongside others who are at a similar stage in their learning as well as structured support outside your immediate practice team. Although there are no specific follow-on roles, the aim is to generate a group of future leaders with an NWL-wide focus.

Who will organise my placements?

You are offered the opportunity to work with your workforce leads and are given the independent freedom to research the specialism path you would like to consider. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you have not yet found a practice or portfolio role as we may be able to connect you with you.

Will I get sickness/annual leave?

Any entitlement to leave such as sickness or annual leave will be as per your contract with the general practice.