General Practice Nurse (GPN)

General Practice Nurses play a vital role in providing, leading, and coordinating care within primary care. An increasing shift of care from hospitals to general practice provides nurses with an exciting career choice.

General practice nurses work in GP surgeries alongside doctors, pharmacists and other primary care roles – depending on the size of the GP surgery you may have one practice nurse, or in larger surgeries you are likely to find several practice nurses.

Training and Qualifications

You must be a qualified and registered adult, child, mental health or learning disability nurse to work in general practice. You’ll also either need to undertake further training and education or be willing to after being appointed. Find out more about studying to be a nurse. You might be one of several practice nurses sharing duties and responsibilities.

You could take the first step of your general practice nurse career without going to university straightaway. You could enter as a healthcare assistant or assistant practitioner, if you have relevant experience and qualifications, and further develop your skills through additional education and training before starting your degree.

There are multiple routes to becoming a registered / qualified nurse which include:

  • Complete a full time degree at University
  • Complete the registered nurse degree apprenticeship which offers the flexible route to become a nurse through part time study and on the job training
  • Progress into further training after qualifying as a nursing associate

Further information on becoming a nurse can be found on the Royal College of Nursing.

Career opportunities and progression

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